Be My Mentor – the perfect match was born for helping  People to reach their personal and professional goals and to develop their potentialities and their talents. Because we believe that with skills sharing we will get an empowerement of  knowledge and a world of  most accessible and satisfactory job for everybody.

If you have an apple and we exchange our apples, then you and I will have still one apple.
But if you have an idea and I have a different idea and we exchange them, then each of us will have two ideas.


We accompany  Companies, University, Educational Institution,  Non Profit Organizations to project and  manage their Mentoring programs and make them more efficient with the support of a dedicated software  and the best international practices.
We chose Mentoring as ultimate tool to give value to the personal asset of  know how  and share it with whom needs it. As a result, we create a virtuous continuous circle of exchange and improvement for all the participants.



mentoring persone

Through the online platform, People involved in the mentoring project of their organization can meet the ideal partner for their demands of professional development and build a shared, individualized and flexible path  within a one-to-one relationship .

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bemymentor per le aziende

Thanks to the support of a web based platform, You can track the kpi and the analytics  and monitor the program development. You can create a repository of shared and shareable know how .

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Non Profit Organizations

bemymentor per le organizzazioni

In a fast and ever  changing labour market, long life learning is a condition of survival. Its lack is creating relevant social problems : age gap, competences mismatch , unemployment. Mentoring is a powerfull changing lever.

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  • innovative software for the best possible match between Mentor and Mentee.

  • set up of the mentoring program in few steps.

  • goals at the core of the process.

  • structured support’s pathway.

  • an Academy full of resources and training contents.

  • achievements’ monitoring process.